Procurement professionals and novices celebrate constant growth and development of procurement as science. Thanks to procurement networks, associations and dedicated groups procurement becomes hot topic in discussions, business plans, cost-reduction strategies and policy development.

Should we rest assured procurement profession will continue its glorious journey in 2015? Yes, if we have our 2015 Procurement Resolution ready.

Small in size but great in its vitality my 2015 Procurement Resolution looks as follows:

– Promote procurement as science and leading role of procurement in organizations,

– Be a champion in applying newest and most effective e-procurement applications in your work,

– Constantly update your policies to reflect market trends and corporate/institutional realities,

– Become an “exclusive” buyer for your vendors. Target discounts never reached before,

– Actively engage in procurement networks, contribute and share,

– Be a lifetime procurement scholar, our profession changes every day and there is always a room for improvement,

– Plan, plan, plan.

Influence that procurement has on progress of any company or organization is widely recognized. Both corporate world and development partners realize that unique procurement skills and expertise possessed by procurement teams can be converted into major savings and greater impact overnight. Thus, investing in procurement is investing in hard currency that can be used anytime, anywhere.

What are your procurement goals for 2015?

Nick Vergana

Procurement Manager

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