The emerging alternative in the procurement of IT.

The process of tendering IT services involves detailed requirements documents, which take a lot of time to compose. An alternative exists, which is becoming more popular: ‘Best Value Procurement’ (BVP). In this approach, it is the supplier who gives form and context to the assignment. When using BVP for selection, two elements are given importance: the expertise which the suppliers exhibit, and the responsibility which they take upon themselves to define the assignment. These are evaluated on the basis of a performance analysis, a risk and opportunity analysis, and interviews with key stakeholders. These elements, together with the price, form the basis for the pre-selection of one supplier, who will enter the phase where the outsourcing framework is made more concrete. If the plans lead to a clearly defined result, the contract will be closed with this supplier. The question in the minds of organizations is whether BVP is the right approach for them.

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